Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trujillo and huanchaco

We have enjoyed the city of Trujillo and it's neighboring ocean town of huanchco (onechako). The colonial remains of Trujillo make for some stunning architecture and a present poverty that is truly evident.

While in Trujillo we met a missionary, Pamela who helped us connect with local friends, Ricardo and Esther. We were able to eat some traditional food and even attend pamela's birthday party- which may have been the biggest party in Trujillo - seriously unreal! Its been such a blessing to be welcomed by Pamela, Ricardo, and Esther - we are so thankful for the unique experience they have given us!

Huanchaco is a smaller town with surfing and traditional fishing boats made from reeds. We camped near the beach and had hot showers made with oven baked stones in the water. It was a really relaxing place...the first night. The second night we came back from Trujillo late and fell asleep content in our cozy tent until 3 am when the loudest party I´ve ever experienced erupted next door for the remainder of the morning - truly impressive to hear the kind of fiesta the peruvians can sustain at such an unlikely hour.
I, of course, became ill like always it seems. Over the last 4 days I progressively got worse until Cipro did it's blessed job of cleaning out my gut.
I'm beginning to feel better and Rosie is taking care of everything - she's amazing!

Yesterday we went to explore some ruins called huaca de la Luna. Very cool from the Moche people. Its an inverted pyramid structure with some crazy art, several chambers, and surprisingly perserved artifacts. Its over 1800 years old! and it was discovered in 1990 accidently. Very exciting stuff as far as archeology goes.

Today we took a bus 3 hours north to a town called chiclayo.
It's smaller and interesting.

We'll post pictures soon!

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  1. Gotta love Cipro!
    I can't seem to travel w/o it these days.
    Feel better Kurtis!