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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The time so far

We have been gone 10 days but it seems like 10 weeks. Its amazing to experience the transformative power of travel. I am continually impressed at my vulnerability and fragility in this great and beautiful world.

In our short stay here I already got sick, became intimately aware of on coming traffic, learned to let go when it comes to taxi driving tactics (honking gains the right-of-way), learned the depths of my spanish language deficit, and have become incredibly thankful for the woman I married.

Currently we are in Chiclayo, a town on the northern coast of Peru. Its hot and dry here as most of this coast is. We are taking a bus tonight to Mancora, a beach resort town. There is supposed to be good surfing and nice beaches.

The noise... its election time for the presidential canindate in Peru and the energy is electric - all hours of the day! So there are 10 canidates running and Rosie and I could tell you about each one and what they promise to do. The election is Sunday and the demonstrations are growing louder and more intense it seems. Rose and I just simply want peace and quiet for a bit, and we are hoping Mancora will deliver.

Our plans are very loose (like, we don't have any) so they have been changing often due to whether, feeling, or opportunity. It looks like we are heading to Ecuador sooner than we thought. Possibly Quito first for language school then maybe the jungle or mountian trekking - we'll let you know : )

The picture above is taken in front of part of the Huaca de la Luna, crafted over 1800 years ago!
We are learning so much about Peru, the people, the beliefs, the poverty, the wealth, the vastness, and the paradoxes.

This picture is a community that Food for the Hungery is involved with. Lauren gave us the opportunity to follow her into work one day to visit the Santa Barbara community 35 km north Lima. We had the honor of celebrating with this beautiful group of people.

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