Saturday, May 21, 2011

Argentina and the space between

Its been quite some time since a proper update. We wish we had better computer access throughout our time but these belated updates will have to suffice for now.

Since the beautiful highlands of Ecuador where we updated you last, we have expereinced a world of wonder.
In our time in Ecuador we trekked around crater rims, hiked from one remote village to the next, and descended breifly into the amazonian jungle near Puyo. We also traveled north to Quito and enjoyed all the capital had to offer including a visit to the middle of the earth (Latitude 0 on the exact equator).
We went from the jungle up through the mountains during a volcanic eruption and thankfully passed through the mountains and down to Guayaquil. Then we took a 24 hour bus from Guayaquil to Lima to rest a couple days with Cristian and Lauren.
We had time to bus around Lima and enjoy the different parts that make the coastal capital meaningful.

On April 29 we took a flight with great anticipation to Cusco, the Inka capital of yesteryear. We filled ten days of time there with adventure, new relationships, learning, and pure enjoyment as we were filled with wonder by the ancient craftsmanship.
The greatest treasure expereinced during our time was a 4 day Inca Jungle tour to Machu Picchu. We biked, hiked, ate, slept, and laughed with a group of wonderful people from all over the world, including Sweden, Germany, Israel, France, Argentina, America, and Spain.
The trek into Machu Picchu was amazing and the actual site is simply breath taking.
Unfortunately we will have to add pictures of Peru and Ecuador at a later date.

After flying back to Lima we had the incredible honor of spending some quality time with our sponsor child from Peru. We spent a beautiful day at the zoo together in Lima with her and her mother. It was one of those rich and indescribable experiences that deepen a persons heart where what you receive is so much more than anything you could give. It was a beautiful time that overshadows even the wonders of the world.

During our stay in Lima we were also able to reconnect with friends made in Cusco and even celebrate Lauren´s birthday with the best Sushi Rose and I have ever had!

On May 12th we left to Buenos Aires. Its been amazing to see the depth of hospitality in this city. We stayed the first 3 nights in Palermo with Emilio, a local whose kindness keeps you smiling long after spending time with him. During our stay we enjoyed the world class steak, wine, and gelato.
We spent some more time with a local, Celina, who graciously hosted us in Micro Centro and opened our eyes to all the treats that make Argentina great.

From B.A. we bussed to Mendoza 19 hours to find ourselves in the wine capital of the country. We enjoyed the relaxed feel of Mendoza and the incredible steak. One day we made up our own wine tour by taking a local bus an hour out of town and rented bicycles to pedal from winery to winery. On our tour we visited 3 wineries, 2 chocolate and liquor factories, and a beer garden!

Yesterday at 11:30 am we got on a bus to take us to the north near Bolivia. We got dropped off at 2 am in a place called Tucuman...and we waited in the dark for another bus that came 3 hours late to bring us even further north to Salta by 11am today. Traveling is rough sometimes, like today when you travel 24 hours on 2 -4 hours of sleep.
Salta is really different, people refer to it like Bolivia. We´ve enjoyed it so far.

Tomorrow we hope to head to a national park and where we can camp, hike, and enjoy the stunning beauty in this area.

We have made arrangements to bus 24 hours east to Iguazu Falls on the 24th of May to take in another wonder of the world! So Kate, if we can´t wish you a happy birthday it won´t be because we forgot, love ya sis.

We will do our best to update again soon.

Love and miss you all a lot!

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